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Dr. Robin P. Steely, DDS
As we enter into our 12th year of working together, I am confident that we will continue to achieve outstanding results from your professional guidance and website expertise.

My website and the branded marketing materials you developed are effective and communicate a consistent message that’s true to my purpose and values. Anyone interested in a comprehensive “master plan” for health-based marketing to move their practice forward should contact Victoria.


Dr. Mike Gallagher, DDS
I just wanted you to know that since you have enhanced and upgraded our website in combination with managing our Google Local Business Listing, our office has increased our new patients by 50%. We have been exploding with new TMJ patients! Thank you for everything you have done to help Gallagher Dentistry & Facial Pain Center. We appreciate it. Thank you!


Dr. Jonathan J. Bechtel, DDS
Working with Victoria Whatley has been a truly wonderful experience. She made the transition from my old website to developing my new branded website absolutely seamless. Her professional demeanor and knowledge about the dentistry field and guidance were invaluable.

She walked us through each step of the process guiding and making suggestions that were really helpful and many of which we had not considered. She stayed true to our values and purpose and helped hone-in what we were trying to accomplish. I look forward to working with Victoria for many years to come. I highly recommend her for any of your marketing needs.


Dan & Joy O’Rourke
Dentistry’s Optimal Model Laboratory
Victoria nailed it! She was able to take the essence of who we are at Dentistry’s Optimal Model Laboratory, show our conviction for excellence, support our core values, and build an amazing website that portrays our business with professionalism, sophistication and simplicity. With her wonderful guidance and expertise, we were able to develop an easy to navigate, clean, beautiful website that told our story. We can’t imagine working with a more perceptive, kind-heart, insightful, talented person. Thank you Victoria, on behalf of Dan and Joy O’Rourke, Hilary O’Rourke and Gurgen Melkumov.


Dr. James Segulyev, DDS
While we have just recently begun working together to develop my new website for my new Dallas dental practice and several other online marketing projects underway, I am delighted with how our partnership is developing. I am already impressed with how much time and effort you have put into considering all the digital marketing I need to ensure a successful dentistry business transition from Burbank, California to Dallas, Texas.

As you know I have been practicing dentistry since 2001 and you are the first website designer that truly “gets me” and understands my values, purpose, and my specialized holistic & biologic dentistry services, which I believe is a reflection of your vast experience with my other like-minded colleagues that recommended you. I am looking forward to updating this testimonial one-year from now with high praise of the success of our working together.


Ann Hogan
Business Owner
Victoria Whatley is absolutely fantastic! She designed two very distinctive websites for my new start-up businesses; Coopers Creek Photography and Ann Hogan Consulting and made sure both websites had an effective social media presence.

She truly listened and really got to know me and my businesses and designed the websites in a way that truly represent me. She also provided me with all the training I needed to update and manage my websites. Victoria delivers a product that is outstanding and professional! I highly recommend her!


Doug Eagle
Wealth Manager, Eagle Retirement Plans
We are very happy with our experience working with Victoria Whatley! We are 100% satisfied with her end product and it is a delight to work with her. She took the time to get to know our business, methods and practices to best understand the marketing and branding that our business needed. Victoria worked at a fast pace to meet our tight deadlines and she did so with great attention to detail. Victoria’s choices in the details of our branding and digital marketing were fresh, intriguing and she exceeded our expectations. We count Victoria as a team member “in our corner” and we would encourage you to have her on your team as well.


Dr. Mylene Buttross, DDS
I am very pleased with my experience in working with Victoria to develop my new website. She has great talent in listening to a client’s vision and then implementing those ideas into a polished product. Throughout the entire process of creating my website, she was easy to communicate with and was very responsive. Her work is fantastic and I am very happy with the outcome. Her knowledge of website design is superior and she really takes the time to get to know her client’s business, branding, and target patient to ensure the most effective result. Deciding to work with Victoria to develop my new website presence is one of the best marketing decisions I have made for my business. I continue to enjoy working with her and feel confident in recommending her to my colleagues.


Brett Mickelsen
General Contractor, CQL-2000 Constructors
We love what Victoria has done for our company to develop our branded website. Victoria has a great eye for seeing where a company can improve its marketability and build upon existing strengths. She developed the marketing strategy for our company, designed our website and multiple marketing materials. Having Victoria on your team will be a “win-win” situation for everyone involved. It is with our high recommendation that you use Victoria for all your branding and online digital marketing needs.


Dr. Bill Moorkamp, DDS
Thank You Victoria for getting our new mobile-responsive website up and running! We routinely get patients who state they found us from Google searches and our website. Our web presence is giving us a nice steady flow of new patients and keeping us busy. Life is good and the practice continues to do very well from all of your efforts. You really are awesome.


Jenn Erzinger
Broker/Owner, Lincoln Real Estate Group
Victoria is incredibly meticulous and pays attention to even the smallest details. She is very easy to reach with any questions you may have, and changes are implemented quickly. I would highly recommend Victoria, you will not regret it!


Dr. Kip Etheridge, DDS
Victoria Whatley has been wonderful to work with in developing and hosting our website and establishing our online presence. Victoria does a phenomenal job of listening to your needs, learning about your experiences and direction, and then implementing a strategic plan. Deadlines were always met and there were no surprises throughout the entire designing and implementing. Our patients and our entire team absolutely love our website and we are already seeing it creating value within the first week with our new patients. I highly recommend Victoria.


Dr. Lino Suarez, DMD
Victoria is a dynamic person who has great insight on how to brand and market your business online and make it visible to qualified clients. She is relentless and thorough in her process. I have colleagues who have worked with her as well that have similar enthusiasm in their recommendation of her company. Victoria worked seamlessly with my existing website company by providing the branded design, layout and content messaging to ensure that my website communicates a consistent message that’s true to my values. I continue to count on Victoria’s consulting guidance to find new ways to effectively market my practice online to new patients.


Win Ewbank
Colorado Outdoor Sports Corporate Hunting & Fishing Club
I had a great experience working with Victoria to redesign my website. I also appreciate that she took the time to provide feedback on how to best present my corporate hunting & fishing club to my existing members. Within the first month of launching my new website, I sold a record number of new members and even today we are still on a waiting list and looking to expand our offering by acquiring more landowners to lease their property to us. It’s always a good sign when your outdoor industry competitors call you to tell you how great your website is. I consistently receive calls from my existing members that love it too.


Kevin Flesch
I have worked with Victoria on multiple digital marketing and website upgrades over the past several years and she has a real grasp on what’s needed to make the messaging connect with our target customer for personal injury and criminal law cases. Victoria’s quality of work is always outstanding and in addition to her exceptional marketing skills, I know she truly cares about my business success. I highly recommend Victoria.


Pamela Meyer
Broker Associate
Keller Williams DTC

Victoria Whatley has a gift for pulling the best of “who you are” and “what you bring to the table” out of you and getting it on your website! Her marketing and branding background plus a knack for intuitively relating to the person she is working with is a perfect match. I am happy with my website brand and messaging.


Dot Mechtenberg
Dot Mechtenberg Financial, Inc.
I highly recommend Victoria to anyone who wants to grow their business. I have been in business for over 45 years and Victoria is the most knowledgeable marketing and business consultant that I have ever had the pleasure of working with. I recently retired and sold my business to another financial advisor and he has continued to utilize Victoria’s marketing serves for a variety of projects.


Dr. Jay Balasz, DDS
I knew that I needed a website for my dental office but I didn’t know where to start. My colleague and friend, Dr. Robin Steely in Battle Creek Michigan, a client of VLW Marketing Group, suggested I look into working with Victoria Whatley. I was skeptical at first because Victoria is based out of Colorado and I am in Charlevoix Michigan. I wanted to work with someone that could capture who I was as a dentist and what my practice was all about. The overall marketing package and website that she developed represents exactly what I wanted, she succeeded brilliantly.

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